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Do you offer full management for your VPS plan? Can you describe what management you offer?
As this is budget hosting we don\'t offer VPS control panel. You need to submit tickets to rebuild or reboot your ...

Can I run CPanel/WHM under Xen-128 Plan? Also do you offer their licenses and what will be the cost?
Yes, you can. cPanel license for VPS costs around $15/month. On request we will generate an invoice and after you ...

Do you offer softaculous and what is the cost?
We don\'t resell softaculous. Still you can buy it on your own and integrate with your cPanel.

Do you bill me for an extra bandwidth usage? If not, what action will be taken if somehow I reach my limit?
We sell memory, disk space and bandwidth in chunks (1 chunk = 64MB RAM + 5GB diskspace + 50GB bandwidth) . When ...

Do you offer annual payment and does it have any discount?
We have 5% discount on annual payments.

If I wish to cancel my account, do I get a refund? If yes how is the refund calculated?
We will refund the unused part (excluding any discounts). For example if you bought annual service and cancel ...

Can I oversell the VPS?
We only sell you an unamanged VPS. There you can set your own limits for your users. You are the manager of the ...

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